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ShareSpring is built from the ground up by Marketing Experts for Marketing Directors. We get it and have built-in a toolkit of all the features you need to automate tasks, save time and drive performance.


A full suite of analytics gives you the metrics you need to understand your campaigns performance and export reports to share in the boardroom. Accountability is easy and intuitive. Clearly see how many clicks and opens your springboard is receiving and which promotions are performing the best. Easily monitor the up trends and time people are spending on your site viewing ShareSpring. It’s everything you need for predictive data to steer your hashtag and social marketing campaigns.


ShareSpring is built on the latest in responsive website design technologies. Your users are provided the best viewing experience from desktop to tablet to mobile. Across all devices, your viewers will receive an optimal experience, and it’s fully compatible with today's modern browsers. ShareSpring automatically resizes and adapts to fit within any designated space or section of your website or digital displays.


Curate and Moderate quickly with our automated filters and settings, we make it easy to set “Moderation” on auto-pilot. Our pre-configured filters are fully customizable to meet your specific needs allowing moderation to be a hands-free process. We understand the limited time your have to take on another task at your desk, This is why we’ve built automated filters that do the work for you, automatically categorize posts, block or approve users, search for keywords and more!


Your reputation is key and ShareSpring has your back. Our state-of-the-art profanity filters do the hard work for you by blocking profanity from reaching your viewers.


Go viral with ShareSpring’s built-in sharing tools. Our suite of sharing tools is nothing less than amazing. With ShareSpring, your users can easily share across social networks and see the power when a post that originated on Instagram is now shared to Pinterest and Facebook. Sharing tools are not an afterthought, they have been incorporated into our platform from the ground up. Our sharing tools are the catalyst of your marketing campaign going viral. Sharing is nice and ShareSpring makes it easy!


ShareSpring truly provides your audience a brand-centric experience. Immersing your audience in the look and feel of a fully customized display. Our graphic team partnered with our technology team to create the best-of-the-best menu of settings that control the look of your springboard display. Our API allows for total customization so your imagination knows no limits.


ShareSpring for iPhone and iPad allow you to take moderation into the field. Easily access the key features of the dashboard from your mobile phone and approve and deny posts while on-the-go. Whether you are on the retail floor, trade show floor or on the move at a live event, our mobile app puts the control in your hand where ever you are.


Drive a ton of traffic to your website. Our SEO Optimizer was built by our team of Search Engine experts to develop an ingenious way to leverage all of the content in ShareSpring and use it to rank high in search results. Not only did we solve curating a ton of great content for your website we’ve gone the extra step developing technology to leverage this content to drive relevant qualified traffic to your site.


Show me the money! Our monetization tiles do exactly that. ShareSpring is built by marketers for marketers. From the dashboard easily input your products, promotions, merchandise, sponsor logos or advertisements and schedule how often they appear. ShareSpring will sprinkle these promotions into your social posts within the natural content and sharing taking place. People have become blind to banner ads and ShareSpring solves this problem by injecting your promotions as tiles running along side all of the user generated content. You can even choose to link these promotions directly to your advertiser pages or to your product pages within your own site.


Increase likes and your follower base in social networks. Give your audience the platform to give the thumbs up to your reputation with prominently placed “like” and “follow” tiles. We’ve made growing your fan base as easy as a click.


ShareSpring makes integration with the tools you’re already using simple and easy. We empower you to carry engagement originating on ShareSpring across the popular social networks where your audience is engaging. Collect content from live events, retail, broadcasts, and your website then display this directly inside your Facebook page in a visual gallery where they can be tagged, shared and promoted within the Facebook network. We’ve also given special attention to e-commerce with our Shopify app. We’ve made it as easy as a click and the ShareSpring app will install inside of your Shopify dashboard. This enables you to run ShareSpring on each product page, showing people using and advocating each product you sell. We also have a Wordpress plugin, RSS feed, and even an API. Embedding ShareSpring into your website is as easy as copying and pasting one line of text. There’s no IT team needed!


Our “Consumer Direct Upload” feature allows consumers to directly upload photos from their desktop or Facebook galleries directly into ShareSpring. Our moderation tools allow you complete control over which posts appear. This provides your users a quick direct way to upload their visual testimonials and endorsements without requiring them to leave your product page or go through the usual social networks or email.

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