Turn your broadcast into an interactive experience and watch viewership increase.

ShareSpring increases viewership by turning your programming into socially engaging experiences.
ShareSpring Broadcast

Run a Social Ticker in the Lower Third

With ShareSpring’s module for broadcast, you can run a live feed of social content in a crawling ticker along the lower third of the screen. Easily run your broadcast programming in the top two-thirds of the screen and simultaneously run ShareSpring in the lower third. Our technology easily integrates with the hardware and software technology being used in broadcast control rooms.

It’s Fully Customizable

The display is fully customizable from our dashboard. We offer many pre-built templates designed to fit within the look and feel of your programming. It’s also totally customizable with our RSS feed or our API. You can take full charge of customizing your display.

Imagine while your program is on air having the audiences posts appearing in real-time. This is true audience engagement! With our smart filters and ability to monitor multiple hashtags your options for engagement are unlimited.

Here’s a great example of Engagement

Let’s say you are broadcasting from a tennis tournament taking place on multiple courts. With ShareSpring, you can easily aggregate which court the posts are coming from and ShareSpring will automatically categorize the right posts to the right play action. You can even run audience polls in real-time to generate participation and spark enthusiasm.

Create the Buzz leading up to your Broadcast

Combining broadcast with ShareSpring’s website module, you can continue this conversation after the broadcast has ended onto your website. This empowers you to continue the buzz and interest leading up to your next scheduled broadcast. It’s also the perfect compliment to Webinars by fielding questions in real-time from the audience and broadcasts on your corporate intranet.

With ShareSpring module for broadcast programming truly becomes interactive. We’ve solved the problem of connecting the engagement between second screen and television.

ShareSpring TV Walls