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We solve the challenge of engaging the audience, reaching new fans and selling more tickets and merchandise.

With ShareSpring, you create the buzz leading up to your event, engage the audience at your event, reach new fans following from home, and continue the excitement from your event site to your website!

ShareSpring is great for engaging the audience at live events,

you can put it up on Jumbotrons and large format screens. The events hashtag is prominently displayed at the top of the screen and attendees start posting their selfies, photos and messages to the hashtag and in real-time ShareSpring will place their posts up on the large screen. People love to see their picture up on the big screen, this is the modern day fan or kiss cam. It’s a great way to get people excited about the event.

You can also place sponsors logos and announcements as interstitial promotions directly inside our dashboard and set the frequency of how often they’re mixed in with the audiences stream of posts.

Our solution is a great way to promote your merchandise, you can run a contest where the audience is incentivized to post pictures of themselves with the merchandise for a chance to win! Merchandise sales increase as the entire crowd is now viewing other people with it on the big screen. ShareSpring drives merchandise sales!

ShareSpring increases your reach beyond attendees to people at home.

Since we’re getting people to post to their Instagram and Twitter accounts this reaches their followers. Metrics says the average user has 200 followers, therefore, for every 10 posts made to the ShareSpring social wall you’re also reaching 2,000 people at home who are now seeing all the fun and are influenced to purchase tickets, attend your next event and purchase merchandise from your online store.

It’s a fabulous way to reward your audience and make them the stars! A great way to make your event interactive and engaging. ShareSpring takes the crowd from spectators to active participants. This ultimately creates a sense of community amongst your attendees and provides them the platform where they become your most valuable spokespeople!

It’s great to engage your audience while their waiting for the entertainment to start or between acts.

There are so many easy ways to monetize having your own social wall,

besides selling interstitial advertisements you can sell the opportunity for your clients to sponsor the social wall with their branding.

The engagement doesn’t stop here. With ShareSpring, you will carry over engagement from your event site to your website! You can also embed all the posts on your website and your Facebook account in a beautiful social gallery with our website plans.

This is a fantastic way to showcase all the excitement collected at your event to promote your upcoming event. With our built-in sharing tools, you’re marketing goes viral when people begin to tag themselves and re-share from the ShareSpring gallery on your website.

Our solution is as easy as plug-and-play! You’ll be up and running quickly with no IT hurdles. There’s automated moderation filters to make filtering content a snap. There’s even an iPhone app so you can moderate content on the go.

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