ShareSpring is the amazing way to ignite social community within a physical space.

Start hashtag campaigns that originate at your point of sale and reach many more viewers at home. All you need is a television monitor on your wall. People love seeing themselves as the star of your retail location up on the screen and the ShareSpring platform turns them into your best sales team.

Start social engagement at your point of sale

Whether it’s your hospitality lobby, restaurant, bar, or retail location. All you need is a television monitor on your wall and ShareSpring will display your #hashtag prominently at the top of the screen. People quickly keen in on the hashtag and know what to do. Watch as people begin to post selfies of themselves. Instantly the viral marketing aspect starts to roll in. Our platform starts hashtag campaigns that originate at your point of sale and reaches many more viewers at home. People love to see them self as the star of your retail location up on the screen, and now that we’ve them posting, all of their friends and family at home and on mobile devices are seeing them enjoying your location and interacting with your merchandise. ShareSpring ignites powerful viral marketing.

Moderation is no problem

Easy tools within the dashboard give you full control over which posts to approve and which to deny. We understand your time is valuable, so we’ve created a full suite of automated moderation tools for you to leverage. Everything from built-in profanity filters and smart rules that allow you to aggregate your content by categories. People at your location will be watching an ever refreshing display of posts made by themselves and other users at your location interacting with your merchandise.

It’s the perfect way to promote your customers as the stars of your brand.

A great example is within hospitality lobbies and on closed circuit T.V within hotel rooms. Your customers are already taking wonderful pictures at your location and with ShareSpring you can leverage all of this wonderful every growing source of content. We’ve solved the problem of hiring photographers who only can provide a limited amount of photos. By providing your customers the platform to post selfies and photos that they’re snapping you’ll now get real genuine images that showcase people having a great time at your location. Highlight all of this great content on TV screens in your lobbies or televisions in your hotel rooms and on your website. And that’s not all because we now have people posting to their social network accounts it’s being seen by all of their family and friends at home! This is a great marketing tool that showcases real people having the time of their lives at our location, which becomes the biggest influencer for prospective customers making their decision to visit your location.

Take Control of your Brand Reputation

ShareSpring is your powerful tool for ORM. We solve the problem of people leaving reviews on websites that are out of your control. Now by promoting people to post inside of ShareSpring you can choose to show only the best and positive testimonials and reviews. Reward and showcase the positive posts on your in-store digital signage and television screens at your retail location and on your website.

Restaurants are another great examples people, aka “foodies”, are already taking pictures of their food and posting them to Instagram and other social networks. ShareSpring gives them the platform and hashtag you’ve chosen to categorize all of this great content. It also creates a great sense of participation and community within your location.

Here’s a great Example of Engagement

Let’s review the example of an apparel store. People are taking selfies trying on your apparel in the mirror. People love to be the stars of glamour and with the ShareSpring platform, they receive instant gratification of seeing themselves now being featured as on the digital screens inside your retail location. This is genuine endorsement they’re sharing on your products, and that’s now all, it is also reaching all of their friends, family, and followers at home! ShareSpring expands your marketing reach from the point of sale to thousands more viewing online, and if you have an e-commerce store, that’s even better. From your dashboard, you can link these photos directly to the product pages where they can be purchased.

Our Shopify app and Wordpress plugins make installing ShareSpring on your website and connecting it to your product pages easy and all within the click of a button.

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