ShareSpring turns your website into a socially interactive marketing machine

Want to increase social engagement, and drive more traffic to your website... then this is the platform for you.

We’ve solved the high costs and time associated with creating content, and made curating and moderating it fast & easy.

From the administrative dashboard, you simply enter all of the hashtags you want to follow and connect to your official social network accounts, and ShareSpring’s powerful curation engine finds and aggregates all of this wonderful content into your dashboard. Our automated moderation tools with built-in profanity filters, rules to approve or decline posts or users, and category filters, make moderating and categorizing content easy!

Turn your site into a social hub

Within minutes, you will have a social gallery of live interactive content up and running on your website. We’ve made it as easy as copying and pasting one line of code without requiring your IT team’s involvement.

Create a social hub on any page anywhere on your website! On your home page, in a skyscraper sidebar, within a designated section, as a carousel on the top or bottom of any page or on product pages to feature client testimonials. It’s so flexible and robust clients are building stand-alone microsites or social hubs inside of corporate intranets. It’s a completely responsive design that automatically resize from desktop to tablet to mobile phone providing an optimum viewing experience across all screen sizes.

#Hashtag Campaigns

ShareSpring was designed by social marketers for social marketers. It’s a full suite to drive engagement and expand your viewership. Launch campaigns right from your dashboard. Our suite of tools and analytics allows you to track the traction and power your #hashtag campaigns to the next level.

Brand Reputation is King!

ShareSpring puts you in control unlike Yelp, blogs and other social networks where you are at the mercy of what is posted. We put you in the driver seat with control to moderate, highlight and showcase only the best posts in a branded user experience on your owned digital properties.

Go Viral With Our Built-In Sharing Tools.

With ShareSpring going viral is fast and simple! We understand how to incentivize an audience to participate and share and our dashboard includes the tools needed to get the job done. Each post/tile gives your audience a menu of sharing tools.

The power of this is amazing, a post that originated on Twitter can now be shared to Pinterest, Facebook, email and more, all within the push of a button! This provides your site visitors with the best platform to share and promote your brand to all of their followers!

Drive a Ton of Traffic to Your Site

ShareSpring can get more eyes on your site! Our search engine optimization module exposes all of your rich content to search engines. This promotes your site in natural search engine rankings. People will find you, stay longer, re-visit more often, and view more content and products.

Collecting photos and testimonials from your happy customers is now a fast, simple process with ShareSpring.

We’ve eliminated the tedious job of reaching out to consumers asking for photos and testimonials of them with your products, and the fragmentation of trying to collect these from multiple channels. Now your fans simply upload their photo testimonials directly to your website or to #hashtags and ShareSpring does all the leg work. We’ve built the fast smart platform to showcase your fans enthusiasm and turn them into your best sales tool!

A Better Way to Monetize

People have become blind to traditional banner ads and ShareSpring is the solution. We introduce your advertisements within the natural social posts and relevant conversations taking place in the lifestyle of your audience. From the dashboard you’ll place product tiles, sponsor tiles, paid advertisement tiles mixed right into your social hub. You can schedule the frequency of how often promotions appear within the gallery of social posts.

Here’s a great example, imagine you’re selling running shoes. You can enter in hashtags to follow the #Boston-Marathon and #LosAngeles-marathon and this populates your ShareSpring social hub with genuine social media from these races. It’s relevant content that’s interesting to your viewers! Next sprinkle in promotional tiles of the shoes you sell, now people discovering all of this great running content see your shoes, and with one click they are directed to your product page to make their purchase.

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