Randy Houser
Case study

A visual social contest to engage and inspire fans and the community to listen to more Randy Houser music

Fans were asked to create lyric photos and post to social networks. ShareSpring collected those photos into a social hub on the website.

Brand exposure

Each post on was seen by hundreds of followers, thus exposing Randy Houser to the poster's peers.

New followers

People would see the lyrics, then seek out the song they came from and listen to Randy Houser.

Brand loyalty

By entering the contest, the user spends time listening to and understanding the music.

ShareSpring Hashtag Campaign Randy Houser

Fans spent hours creating a connection

A contest was created which asked fans to select their favorite lyrics from a Randy Houser song, then create an image by putting those lyrics on a photo. By doing this, each person spent some time getting to know the music and lyrics, which strengthened their connection with the artist Randy Houser.

People then posted their creations to Twitter and Instagram. By doing this, they broadcasted to all of their followers, reaching hundreds or thousands of people per picture. Many of these people then also re-shared the photo, creating a viral effect.

New followers and strengthened bonds

When people saw the lyrics on ShareSpring, they would track down the song they came from and purchase and listen to the music. Randy Houser saw an increase in likes and follows from new people during this contest.

The people that entered the contest would also spend time looking through the Springboard full of pictures that other people created. They would also find lyrics that perhaps even a diehard fan might not recognize, and would listen to the song and bond more with the artist.

Official content was organically mixed in to inform people browsing the Springboard of upcoming shows and merchandise for sale.

ShareSpring Promotion Randy Houser