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ShareSpring's the #1 rated platform for integrating user generated content into your marketing.


We use ShareSpring to engage our customers and reach their friends and followers too.
  • Unlimited #Hashtags. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Moderate Posts. You're in control of what's shown.
  • Beautiful Displays. Lots of layouts for the perfect look & feel.

Conversions increase 90% when consumer endorsements are shown.

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User generated content in a live social feed

ShareSpring is a social media feed of user generated content (UGC). Boost your content marketing strategy with a social media wall at events or embed a social hub in your website or app using our all-in-one social content aggregator, curator and publishing platform. Easily curate an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and RSS feed with our widget plugin. Display a social media stream in your eCommerce too including Shopify, WooCommerce and more then link social media posts to product pages or sponsors. Built by marketers just like you to improve account based marketing, content marketing, public relations, social marketing strategies and hashtag campaigns. You'll love how easily you can engage your audience by embedding a content feed of social proof with ShareSpring.

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