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Our plug-n-play platform has reinvented content marketing for social media.

We aggregate social media from multiple sources and put it all into one place on your digital properties where you can curate and monetize it.
Websites For Websites

Social Hubs
create community fast and go viral
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Live Events For Live Events

Social Displays
engage the crowd and reach fans at home
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Retail For Retail

Social Walls
inspire purchases at the point of sale
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Broadcast For Broadcast

Social Feeds
connect viewers via our lower third display
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Showcase Consumer Sentiment

Highlight and reward your fans best social media posts and watch it turn into a powerful sales tool. Inspire authentic social referrals and connect your audience across every consumer touchpoint with the ShareSpring social marketing platform.

Showcase Consumer Sentiment

Crowdsource Quality Content

Enter the hashtags you want to follow, and choose the social networks from which you want to aggregate content, and ShareSpring's fast curation engine delivers relevant content that resonates with your fans.

Crowdsource Quality Content

Expand Your Reach

With ShareSpring's suite of built-in marketing tools conversion, sharing and going viral is all within the click of a button. Increase your reach exponentially with our platform designed for social marketing.

Expand Your Reach

Control Brand Reputation

Easy moderation on a desktop or our iPhone app puts you in control of your brand's reputation. Automated filters aggregate only the best posts and give you the power to curate positive advocacy.

Control Brand Reputation

Monetize Promotions

Designed for marketers, ShareSpring drives sales and consumer engagement with integrated calls-to-action and product placements within the organic conversation of your audience.

Monetize Promotions

Influence purchases with social referrals

Spark conversation, create community & drive engagement with ShareSpring.

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Integrates into your plan

Our plug-ins and apps make integrating social visualizations into the platforms you’re already using as easy as plug-and-play, ShareSpring ignites more impact to the tools you use.

WordPress Wordpress Plugin
Facebook Facebook App
Shopify Shopify App
HubSpot HubSpot Integration
API Sharespring API

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