Real-time social media posts on the big screen

Engage your audience with posts from their fellow attendees and encourage them to post your event to social media.

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ShareSpring Example

ShareSpring for Events

You want people to post about your event to their followers on social media. Your attendees will enjoy watching what other people are posting in real-time, and will be encouraged to post their own photos to be seen on the big screen. ShareSpring is the tool to facilitate this by finding all social media posts about your event and cycling through the best ones.

ShareSpring Example

Real-time posts from your audience

Capture a live stream of all of the social media posts from attendees at your event.

Add your own promotions or sponsored content

Mix your promos into the content feed for an authentic discovery of the content you want visitors to see.

ShareSpring Example

Expand your reach to millions of followers

Extend your event beyond the venue. ShareSpring encourages attendees to create and share content to their followers on social media.

ShareSpring Example

Add to your website to promote ticket sales

Show real photos from your event in a beautiful gallery. This social proof increases ticket sales when you mix in your promotions.

ShareSpring Example
ShareSpring Example

Smart moderation at your fingertips

Flip through the stream of posts coming in and pick only the best to display on the big screen. Set filters to automatically approve great posts and reject inappropriate content.

Geo-fencing by location

Capture all posts tagged with your location or within a defined boundary.

ShareSpring Example

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