Display your brand's best social media on any screen

ShareSpring shows your culture and increases social engagement by curating user-generated social media posts into an authentic brand story, displayed on screens throughout your property.

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ShareSpring Example

ShareSpring for TVs

People are posting great content about your company to social media. ShareSpring is the tool to curate this content and display the best posts on a TV monitor in your space.

ShareSpring Example

Animated, engaging themes

Entrance visitors with a fluid, cycling display of the best posts on social media, customized to match your brand. Encourage visitors to post to social media using your hashtag to expand your reach to their followers.

Social engagement at the point of sale

Display user-generated content on displays throughout your property. Showcase brand advocates and your culture with live-updating photos and videos.

ShareSpring Example

Add your own promotions

Mix your advertisements into the content feed for a subtle and seamless display of the content you want visitors to see.

ShareSpring Example
ShareSpring Example

Smart moderation at your fingertips

Save time by choosing to auto-publish the best content and block spam. Manually moderate to guarantee only positive, relevant content gets displayed.

Install easily with just a few clicks

Display your social media on any screen in any location. ShareSpring is powered by any Smart TV or device that's capable of opening a website.

ShareSpring Example
ShareSpring Example

Unparalleled technical and creative support

We've engineered everything to be easy to install without our help, but should you need it, we're here on live chat, phone, and email to ensure your campaign is the best it can be.

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