Iron and Resin
Case study

A visual social contest to turn customers into brand followers

Each product sold includes a contest, which is powered by ShareSpring and increases brand loyalty and brand exposure.

Brand exposure

Each post on Instagram was seen by hundreds of followers, thus exposing the brand to the poster's peers.

New customers

People would see the pics on Instagram and make a purchase so they can be a part of the contest as well.

Brand loyalty

By entering the contest, the user creates a connection with the brand and turns them into an advocate.

ShareSpring Hashtag Campaign Iron and Resin

A fun, activity-driven and visual contest

Iron and Resin created a clever contest, which starts with a purchase. In the store, every item has a hangtag that includes a merit badge (think Boy Scouts). The contest asks of the customer to earn the badge, by performing the activity on the badge. This includes things like surfing naked, doing a wheelie, or sleeping under the stars.

To earn the merit badge, the user would post a photo of them performing the activity to Instagram with the hashtag #INRMeritBadge. ShareSpring collected these photos into a gallery on their website. The best photo was selected each month to be featured and a prize given to the winner.

A Springboard of Iron and Resin brand advocates

Because users posted their photos to Instagram, all of their followers were informed of Iron and Resin and the brand lifestyle. This led to increased brand awareness by peers and a stronger loyalty to the brand by the poster.

When visitors to the website saw the Springboard of photos of their peers performing these activities, they felt encouraged to buy a product, receive a merit badge, and join the community in attempting to earn the badge by posting to Instagram.

ShareSpring Promotion Iron and Resin