Digital Lobby Signage

Want to install a successful employee advocacy and engagement platform with very little effort? Digital lobby signage is an aggregated feed of social posts appearing on a large digital display, such as a TV screen or even a jumbotron.

Would you like to find incredible talent and grow your company? Employee-shared content gets 8x more engagement than content shared by brands. Content aggregators boosts social media visibility, lead generation and recruitment. Display social conversations about your products throughout your office. In business environments, a social hub is great for employee recognition.

ShareSpring’s digital lobby display product helps retailers connect with their clientele and employees within corporate lobbies or retail spaces to enhance the traditional experience for in-venue consumers. Your brand story not only becomes more authentic, it becomes interactive.

Showcasing Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, social walls capture the energy and foster brand loyalty and creativity into your company’s workplace.

And aggregated social user content for businesses is industry agnostic, whether it be education, retail, non-profit or fashion industries. Harness your social media campaigns and user generated content into highly engaging displays for any screen.

A social wall for retail is a fantastic way to boost content marketing activity by aggregating content from real people. Source employee generated content from #hashtags across the web and showcase onto any tv or screen.

Coffee Shop Digital Signage

Retail Social Wall

How do user-generated content on TV screen displays help in retail stores?

  • Drives engagement
  • Incentivize customers
  • Use for product launch
  • Enhance the customer experience with visual social activity
  • Develop relationship and data from your customers
  • With real time updating, you’re always informed
  • Encourage more likes, follows and engagement
  • Any business where digital signage appears, so can visual content. This includes restaurants, bars, retailers and hotel lobbies. These Instagram walls and social Twitter walls reflect and connect employees and consumers with your brand. A live retail social wall or hotel lobby digital signage will encourage your customers to talk about your business while they’re visiting it.

    TV walls and interactive displays can be utilized in retail stores, brand headquarters or college campuses. For universities, a social feed can not only connect their separate campuses but connect their students, their teachers and the community.

    In the hospitality industry, many luxury resorts are getting in the UGC game by offering social concierge. It’s easy to turn hotel guests into marketers.

    Discussing Employee Generated Content

    Employee Generated Content

    How do social TV wall displays help in company lobbies?

  • Connect with your employees
  • Share a sense of camaraderie
  • Display company news
  • Creates pride in an organization
  • Create brand loyalty
  • EGC is a great HR strategy that uses your happy employees to advertise your business and find top talent. Human resources can utilize in their work areas or lobbies to reflect the social conversation about the company and energize the company culture. Mix your corporate, motivational and inspiring messaging with the employee content. Employees are able to stay informed on internal news, because ShareSpring empowers employees as brand ambassadors. Employee generated content displayed on social walls empowers corporate events, company meetings and conferences.